One of the most fascinating conversations Jesus had was with a woman by a well…

She was edgy, confrontational, bold and not a little confused about her theology – all at the same time! But Jesus thought she was great. He gave her time and gently opened her mind to a revelation that would change her forever. It was about worship and the God who is attracted to passionate worshippers; they get His heart and He gets theirs!

Our School of Worship is not for those who are perfect and know it all but for those hungry to learn and explore. Our classes will be conducted by men and women with a sincere and transparent heart for authentic worship, who will pass on their knowledge and skill to help YOU go deeper in worship than ever before. 

You will leave this short course clear about the theology of worship, inspired by the wealth of biblical insight into the majesty and mystery of a God whose compassion draws us into His presence to be transformed.  You will learn the signs that will empower you to lead worship with a prophetic edge and a fresh openness to the Holy Spirit’s grace and gifts. 

Come and be soaked in the worship wisdom of Prophets, Priests and Kings! Rediscover the Psalms – an ancient songbook overflowing with the raw passion of those who worshipped on great days and kept on singing during the dark nights of the soul because they caught a glimpse of the One worthy of it all! See worship through the eyes of the early church, read the New Testament afresh and get a new vision for what can actually happen in your church today!

This School of Worship will change your perspective on worship forever and you will be glad you came. 

We’ll see you in class!

Pastor Doug Williams and Tracey Campbell

Meet The School Of Worship Core Team

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