School of Worship is a one year course taught over six bi-monthly Saturdays.


School of Worship offers a range of experienced Teachers, Worship Leaders, Songwriters, Musicians and Pastors who will deliver teaching and practical sessions in three areas: 


Historical Worship Review

Practice and Management

Our course is rigorous and comprehensive and students will leave well grounded in both the theology and practice of worship. Our course tutors are passionate and knowledgable about the subject of worship and we strongly encourage routine reading to supplement their input.

As such, in order to prepare for the course, students are asked to obtain a copy of the core reading which is detailed below. Alongside the bi-monthly Saturdays, students will be required to attend three online video conference sessions, where we meet in smaller groups to discuss learning from the core reading.

Students will also be asked to produce one essay and one book review as part of the course.  Details of which will be provided in your student pack.

Core Reading: Manifest Presence by Jack Hayford

On a School of Worship Saturday registration begins at 9.45am, with an opportunity to meet and greet and grab a coffee before a time of worship.  There are a total of 4 teaching sessions throughout the day, covering both the theology of worship and the practical out-workings of it.  There are 2 sessions in the morning and 2 further sessions following a hot lunch.  There is then an extended break to allow you to explore the local area with its array of eateries.

The Encounter worship evening commences at 5pm.

Please note, the Encounter Worship Evenings are part of the School of Worship course and therefore students are required to attend following the day of teaching. A School of Worship Saturday concludes at 6pm.


29th January 2022

26th March 2022

28th May 2022

16th July 2022

24th September 2022

26th November 2022

“God is Spirit, and His worshippers must worship
in the Spirit and in truth.”

John 4:24

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