School of Worship is for ANYONE who has a heart for worship

School of Worship is a teaching course designed to bring clarity to the theology of worship, leading to a renewed passion and understanding for all the worshipers who attend. 

The course for 2022 will start on Saturday 29th January and will meet on Saturdays bi-monthly over the course of 1 year. 

We have a great line up of phenomenal communicators and worship leaders who will be joining us to teach, inspire and equip such as: Dotha Blackwood, Tracey Campbell, Anthony Hodgkinson, Dr John Andrews, Pastor Nick Hughes, Pastor Doug Williams, Geraldine Latty, Jackie Pathay and Samantha Williams. 

School of Worship is open to everyone who has a desire to connect with God and go deeper in relationship with Him. This is not just a course for worship leaders, (though they will find it very beneficial), it is a course for ANYONE who is committed to knowing more and growing more in God. 



School of Worship is a department of Emmanuel Community Church International (ECCi), a Pentecostal Church in the heart of East London.

The daytime training sessions are held at our office building; 67-69 Greenleaf Road, Walthamstow which is  a 10 minute walk from the well known ‘Walthamstow Market’ and home to the Selbourne Walk Shopping Centre. The area has a good range of  well priced, world cuisine eateries. The evening Encounter worship evenings are held at our church building; 102-106 Erskine Road, Walthamstow which is a short 5 minute walk from our offices.  Our buildings are located in a controlled parking zone which means drivers cannot leave their cars parked on the street without a valid permit, however, paid parking is available in Selbourne Walk Shopping Centre.

You can also use the ‘Just Park’ App where you can park in a secure location near Walthamstow Central Station at a slightly reduced rate.

The area also has excellent transport links and is just a 10 minute walk from Walthamstow Central Station.

There is also a local Travelodge for overnight stays.

Please note that SOW or ECCi cannot take responsibility for any parking arrangements you make or contracts you engage in as part of sharing this information. 

“School of Worship is open to anyone who has a hunger to go deeper in their worship of God."

"I am fully convinced that this is a course for every believer of God. For anyone that desires to enrich their expression of love to God. I believe that all forms of spiritual gifting emanate from the quality of worship offered in the secret place; the overflow from putting into practice the model of worship as portrayed in God's word."
SOW Student
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